AiM Solo 2DL

AiM Solo 2DL - GPS Lap Timer with ECU Connection

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AiM Solo 2 DL Improvements:

  • GPS: Ability to use both GPS and Glonass allowing for faster power up
  • Lap accuracy: with up to 2/100 sec of tollerance
  • Backlight: 7 color options
  • Auto Learning: If you are at a new track, the AiM Solo 2 will auto learn the course
  • RGB LEDs: RGB (Red/Blue/Green) LEDs are user configurable
  • Recall: On screen data recall for easy quick review
  • Wi-Fi: Download via Wi-Fi without cables
  • iPhone connection: Data download ot your iPhone

Choose from 7 backlight colors for a perfect display

AiM Solo 2 DL Details:

  • Manufacturer: AiM
  • Manufacturer base part number: X47SOLO2001U0
  • Manufacturers part number Solo 2 DL with OBD cable: X47SOLO2DL01U0
  • Manufacturers part number Solo 2 DL with RS232/CAN/power cable: X47SOLO2DL02U0
  • Manufacturers part numner Solo 2 DL with RPM cable: X47SOLO2DL03U0
  • Display: Graphical
  • Display resolution: 128 x 64 pixels
  • Display pages: Up to 8 freely configurable
  • Backlight: 7 configurable RGB colors
  • Shift lights/alarm LEDs" 10 configurable RGB LEDs
  • Integrated track database: Yes
  • Inertial platform: Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer
  • WiFi connection: Yes
  • GPS sampling rate: 10Hz
  • ECU connection: Yes, 3 available
  • Connectors: 1 socket (binder) 712, 5-pins, 1 socket (binder) 712, 8-pins
  • memory: 4 Gb
  • Battery type: Lithium rechargeable
  • Pushbottons: Metallic
  • Dimensions: 98.0 x 73.7 x 30.2 mm
  • Weight: 240 g, internal battery included
  • Waterproof: IP67

Configurable RGB LEDs for predictive lap times or your custom information

Fully loaded database of over 3,000 world tracks

The AiM Solo 2 DL has access to over 3,000 tracks from all over the entire globe. As soon as you turn your Solo 2 DL on, the internal processors self identify your exact position and recognizes the official track starting line coordinates and prepares for auto-recording of your lap times.

SmartyCam Control

  • Put your engine and performance data directly onto your SmartyCam HD video
  • Complete SmartyCam HD Control
  • Seamless full camera control with no additional driver inputs, your Solo 2 DL does all the work

Race Mode Selection

  • AiM Solo 2 DL can manage 4 different types of racing:
  • Speed races in a closed circuit (road race/circle track) 
  • Point to point races: Hill Climbs, Autocross
  • Regularity: Your custom area
  • Performance tests: 0-60mph, 0-100mph user programmable to custom fields

WiFi Download

  • Download via any WiFi device
  • No cables to loose or leave at home
  • Download to Race Studio 3 fast and easy

iPhone Connectivity

  • Easy, fast true data analysis
  • Manage your track database
  • View engine paramaters

On Screen Data Recall

  • Post session easy review
  • Perfect for driver coaches
  • compilation of your most important data fields

We have been amazed (and faster) with the information the AiM Solo 2 DL provided and we welcome the newest addition, and feature packed AiM Solo 2 DL to our AiM data logging line. Thank you AiM for making data logging and analysis easy.